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The Jarvey's Rest200 Years of History.....

The Jarvey's Rest Traditional Irish Pub.

Since Victorian times jaunting cars which consist of a driver and small light carriage have traversed the roads of Killarney and the Muckross area. The drivers of these cars were essential for almost 200 years in bringing visitors to Killarney to locations such as Muckross House, Torc Waterfall, Ross Castle and other locations. The Jarvey's are a source of history and fun for those who take a jaunting car ride. They provide an insight into life in Killarney and a local aspect. A great eco-friendly way to see Muckross and Killarney.

These local men have contributed to the folklore and history of Killarney and Co. Kerry. Generations of families have worked in the the Muckross area bringing much needed earnings to their families. in 1932 Killarney National Park was founded by the State and as roads were curtailed and attractions were difficult to reach these Jarveys with their jaunting cars and horses brought visitors to all areas they wished to visit. During the day and evenings they visited the local Muckross pub for lunch and a refreshing drink.

In their honour The Jarvey's Rest Traditional Irish Pub was named. To this day the Jarveys visit our pub and are a wealth of local information and fun. So join them for a great Irish style lunch, a traditional Irish Night of entertainment or for a drink at The Jarvey's Rest Traditional Irish Pub.

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